We have sent you home with a recently bathed baby pig!  When it’s time for  another tubby use  Johnson & Johnson tearless baby wash.  Pigs tend to have dry, flaky skin.  Skin-so-soft from Avon works great.  Rub it on your piggy daily.  Some people give 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily on their food.  Others use commercial diet supplements (Heartland Pet products carry several specifically for mini pigs).  Pig skin and human skin are very similar, so similar that human burn victims are sometimes treated by grafting pig skin onto the burns until human skin grows back. So any human lotion is fine for teacup pigs.

Pig skin is much thicker, tougher and drier, so lotion like Corn Huskers, Crack  Cream, or Udder Cream work well.  Also, the scent on some highly perfumed lotion can bother a pig’s sensitive snout.  Pigskin is generally too tough for fleas to bite, except for the soft areas behind the ears and armpits.  There is no need to treat them for fleas unless you find a flea on the pig.


All our pigs here at Ragland Ranch have been litter box trained.  Keep in  mind pigs under 6 months of age have a hard time controlling their bladder and  should be kept in a small area so they can get to the box quickly.  A baby pig with too much area to roam may get confused and not be able to find his/her way back to the litter box.



We use pine pellets in their litter box (you can purchase at Walmart Feline Pine or buy Horse bedding pine pellets from TSC).  You can train your pig to go outside or use a doggy door.  Pigs do not like to
climb over edges so you should not use a cat litter box.  You can purchase a  sweater box and cut one side down in the center to improvise for your pig.
NEVER use cedar in your pigs litter box because cedar can be absorbed through  their hooves and cause toxic issues (pine shavings are fine).   NEVER use cat  litter because it can clump in the pig’s intestines and cause blockage.  Make  sure your new baby knows where their litter pan is and it is IMPORTANT for it to  always stay in the same place and not be moved around the home.