Keeping your pig indoors

Dec 28 Keeping your pig indoors

Your miniature pig will require A LOT of love!  You will get out of your pig  what you put into it.  If you work with it and train it, you will have a  wonderful friend.  As far as socialization your pig has been socialized with us,  but still may be scared for a few days in his/her new home. click here for further details.



Pigs need a place of their own.  A quiet room, closet, or crate.  They need a  place they can go to sleep and have alone time.  You will need to teach your pig  where they may play and with what they are allowed to play with.  Pigs love  blankets to bury themselves in.  Dog beds work great too.  Hide treats in their
blankets for a little fun.  We suggest any dog toy where you put treats in it  and they have to figure out how they come out.  Kongs that you fill with treats  are great!  Stuffed animals and baby toys that make noise are also a good toy.

Keeping your pig indoors
Pigs are very smart so you want something that will challenge them.  Even indoor  pigs need some outdoor time.  They need to exercise and soak up some sun.  A  minimum of 2 hours a day outside is suggested, although more is better.  Just  keep in mind your climate.  Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin from natural  sunlight.  We can all use a little heliotherapy!…